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This series closely monitors the issues and developments in the field of European energy law and policy by providing an in-depth scholarly and research based yet a practical written and accessible source of information. The aim of this series is to publish up-to-date research for both practitioners and academics. It shall serve as comprehensible tool of knowledge offering detailed insight into the different pillars of EU energy policy tackling the underlying energy policies, legislation, energy economics and regulatory affairs, geopolitics and energy sources.

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Volume I
A New Architecture for EU Gas Security of Supply

Written by Jean-Michel Glachant, Manfred Hafner, Jacques de Jong, Nicole Ahner, Simone Tagliapietra
June 2012
ISBN: 9789081690447
Hardback bound, 185 pages

Volume II
EU Energy Innovation Policy Towards 2050

Edited by Jean-Michel Glachant, Nicole Ahner, Leonardo Meeus
Feb 2012
ISBN: 9789081690430
Hardback bound, 312 pages

Volume IV
Security of Oil Supplies: Issues & Remedies

Written by Giacomo Luciani
Jan 2013
ISBN: 9789081690485
Hardback bound, 175 pages

Volume V
Shale Gas in Europe:
A multidisciplinary analysis with a focus on European specificities

Edited by Cécile Musialski, Werner Zittel, Stefan Lechtenböhmer, Matthias Altmann
Written by Matthias Altmann, Michaël Bennett, Tim Boersma, Mark Broomfield, Chuanmin Cai, Ewout Dönszelmann, Christoph Ewen, Dominik Greinacher, Ruth Hammerbacher, Sebastian Helmes, Jakub Jedrzejak, Corey Johnson, Mark Johson, Maciej Kaczmarek, Stefan Lechtenböhmer, Daren Luscombe, Edyta Materka, Cécile Musialski, Elsa Nicolet, Laura Parmigiani, Quentin Philippe, Alexandre de Robaulx de Beaurieux, Mark R. Robeck, Nigel Smith, Thierry Tomasi, Andrzej Wiercinski, Ernest Wyciszkiewicz
April 2013
ISBN: 9789491673023
Hardback bound, 576 pages

Volume VI
The Globalization of Natural Gas Markets:
New Challenges and Opportunities for Europe

Written by Manfred Hafner, Simone Tagliapietra
Nov 2013
ISBN: 9789491673160
Hardback bound, 184 pages

Volume VII
The European Supergrid

Edited by Ana Aguado Cornago
April 2015
ISBN: 9789077644263
Hardback bound, 250 pages

Volume VIII
The European Energy Union:
The quest for secure, affordable and sustainable energy

Written by Rafael Leal-Arcas
Feb 2016
ISBN: 9789491673450
Hardback bound, 300 pages

Volume IX
Turkey and the EU:
Energy, Transport and Competition Policies

Edited by Ahmet O. Evin, Emre Hatipoglu, Peter Balazs
Written by Izak Atiyas, Peter Balazs, Andras Deak, Ahmet O. Evin, Tamás Fleischer, Aybars Görgülü, Emre Hatipoglu, Andras G. Inotai, Csaba Weiner
June 2016
ISBN: 9789077644379
Hardback bound, 210 pages

Volume X
The EU ETS and the European industry competitiveness:
Working towards post 2020

Written by Chiara Spinelli
Oct 2016
ISBN: 9789077644386
Hardback bound, 250 pages