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Transportation is of crucial importance to the European Union and many new regulations will have huge effects on all member states. The EU Transportation Law Series will include leading books on all aspects of the field, including the effects on for instance energy, security and environment. The new series starts with a volume on Shipping Law, followed by similar volumes on road, air and rail.

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Volume I
Brussels Commentary on EU Maritime Transport Law

Edited by Henning Jessen, Michael Jürgen Werner
Written by Alexandros Ntovas, Timo Noftz, Thomas Brinkmann, Alexander Block, Mateusz Bek, Marian Paschke, Melis Özdel, Michael R. Pimm, Antonios Politis, Orestis Schinas, Sara Vatankhah, Christine Wersel, Robert Coleman
Feb 2016
ISBN: 9789491673092
Hardback bound, 1250 pages