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Given the breath of community competition law, it has been decided to produce a number of separate but linked and co-ordinated titles, covering all issues in depth. All volumes will share the same presentation and approach and will be fully crossreferenced for ease of use.

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Volume I
Antitrust - Merger - State Aid

Written by Gian Luigi Tosato, Leonardo Bellodi
2nd edition - Sept 2014
ISBN: 9789077644195
Hardback bound, 950 pages

Volume II
Mergers and Acquisitions

Edited by Götz Drauz, Christopher Jones
Written by Claes Bengtsson, Julia Brockhoff, Giuseppe Conte, Nadia de Souza, Daniel Dittert, Götz Drauz, Christopher Jones, Guillaume Loriot, Johannes Luebking, Joachim Lücking
2nd edition - Jan 2012
ISBN: 9789077644188
Hardback bound, 1300 pages

Volume III
Cartels and Collusive Behaviour:
Restrictive Agreements and Practices between Competitors

Edited by Mario Siragusa, Cesare Rizza
Written by Gianluca Faella, Shaun Goodman, Silke Heinz, Francesca M. Moretti, Cesare Rizza, Robert Schulz, Mario Siragusa, Sergio Sorinas
Jan 2012
ISBN: 9789077644201
Hardback bound, 1500 pages

Volume IV
State Aid

Edited by Leo Flynn, Nicola Pesaresi, Christina Siaterli, Koen van de Casteele
2nd edition - April 2016
ISBN: 9789077644300
Hardback bound, 2000 pages

Volume V
Abuse of Dominance Under Article 102 TFEU

Edited by Francisco Enrique Gonzalez-Diaz, Robbert Snelders
Sept 2013
ISBN: 9789077644133
Hardback bound, 1250 pages

Volume VI
Vertical Restraints

Edited by Mario Siragusa, Gianluca Faella
Sept. 2017
ISBN: 9789491673009
Hardback bound, 450 pages

Volume VII
EU Competition Law & Intellectual Property

Edited by Robbert Snelders, Thomas Graf
Oct 2017
ISBN: 9789077644324
Hardback bound, 700 pages

Volume VIII
EU Competition Law & Fundamental Rights

Written by Francisco Enrique Gonzalez-Diaz, Ben Holles de Peyer
June 2017
ISBN: 9789077644348
Hardback bound, 700 pages