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The EU ETS and the European industry competitiveness

Working towards post 2020

The EU ETS and the European industry competitiveness

This book focuses on the EU ETS, the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, backbone of the European Union strategy to combat climate change, and its industry competitiveness implications. In the light of the discussion of the revision for the coming years, it aims to provide a toolbox of key elements to understand its functioning and to reect on crucial improvements.

Specifically, besides a general overview of the first phases of the scheme and current diculties, the book aims to (i) deploy an energy-intensive sector-level analysis, with both reference to academic literature (ex ante and ex post studies, paying a special attention to the underlying assumptions) and stakeholders positions on carbon leakage issue; (ii) present an overview of the existing ETS policy measures and worldwide experiences; (iii) reect on the ongoing reform for the post-2020 period, starting from the European Commission's proposal and entering the technical and political debate taking place within the European institutions.

"The EU ETS and the European industry competitiveness" provides the reader with a full understanding of the system, presenting problems, policy options, design aspects and global insights. It aims to identify potential improvements and to draw lessons for the coming years and the future phases, assessing if the current reform is actually on track to adequately protect business competitiveness.


Written by:
Chiara Spinelli
Policy Trainee, EURIMA