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EU Environmental Law : The EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme

EU Environmental Law

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme is applicable to an increasingly wide range of businesses, a trend that looks certain to continue. A thorough understanding of the law and policy that underlies this scheme is therefore essential for companies, their advisors, and their legal representatives.
Understanding this framework offers real business benefits, while failure to do so can result in important lost opportunities.
Knowing when to invest in new emission rights, when to sell and when to install new, more energy ecient technology must now be an integral part of business decision-making both in the EU and internationally. This volume provides a thorough understanding of the system and its implementation, enabling companies and their advisors to master this fast developing subject.


Edited by:
Jos Delbeke
Director-General, DG CLIMA, EC

Written by:
Jos Delbeke
Director-General, DG CLIMA, EC
Olivia Hartridge
Vice President, Morgan Stanley;
Former Administrator, DG ENV, EC
Jürgen Lefevere
Adviser, International and Climate Strategy, DG CLIMA, EC
Damien Meadows
Adviser, European and International Carbon Markets, DG CLIMA, EC
Artur Runge-Metsger
Director, International and Climate Strategy, DG CLIMA, EC
Yvon Slingenberg
Head of Unit, Implementation of ETS, DG CLIMA, EC
Matti Vainio
Head of Risk Management Implementation Unit, ECHA
Peter Vis
Head of Cabinet, European Commissioner Hedegaard
Peter Zapfel
Head of Coordination, Office of Policy Coordination and liaison with DG ENV, DG CLIMA, EC
Jean-Michel Glachant
Holder of the Loyola de Palacio Chair;
Director of the Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute, Florence

Highlights & Contents

  • The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS): cornerstone of the EU's implementation of the Kyoto protocol
  • International climate policy developments of the 1990's: the UNFCCC
  • Basic design options for emissions trading
  • The emissions allowance trading Directive 2003/87/EC explained
  • The EU ETS linking Directive explained
  • Economic analysis of emission trading in CO2 emissions in the European Union
  • The first allocation round: a brief history
  • Introduction to the monitoring and reporting guidelines and registries regulation
  • The potential role of the EU ETS for the development of long-term international climate policies