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The Internal Energy Market

The Internal Energy Market

The Third Internal Market package marks a watershed in the EU's efforts to introduce effective liberalisation of its electricity and gas markets. A real understanding of this very complicated legislative package is vital for all energy companies operating in the EU, as well as major energy purchasers and advisors. This new and fully updated fourth edition includes indepth contributions on a common electricity and gas wholesale market, third party access, unbundling of TSO's and DSO's, National Regulatory Authorities, ACER, regulation of crossborder electricity exchanges, Gas regulation, Retail market development and public service objectives, derogations and exemptions, common network rules, security of supply, reporting and review of the Directives, implementation and entry into force, the internal energy market and neighboring countries and an introduction to the energy market of the US. The fourth edition of this highly acclaimed and leading title on this subject is written by the key Commission officials and practitioners.


Edited by:
Christopher Jones
Deputy Director General, DG ENER, EC

Written by:
Anthony Doherty
Senior Energy Economist, EBRD
Benedikt Ennser
Legal Department, EControl, Austria
Floris Gräper
Head of Regulation, Gas Transport Services
Erlendas Grigorovic
Financial services and antitrust matters, DG COMP, EC
Christopher Jones
Deputy Director General, DG ENER, EC
Lena Sandberg
Of Counsel, Gibson Dunn, Brussels
Jan Papsch
Policy & Legal Officer, EC
Ernst Tremmel
Wiltschek Rechtsanwälte, Wien / ACER, ERI Coordination Group
Ruben Vermeeren
DG ENER, European Commission
William Webster
Head of EU Power Market Design and Regulation, RWE Supply and Trading

Highlights & Contents

  • More effective unbundling
  • New additional powers for national regulators
  • A new European Agency ACER
  • New Transmission bodies ENTSO-E and ENTSOG
  • A new streamlined decisionmaking process
  • New rules on network planning
  • New rules on customer protection

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