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EU Energy Legislation and Case Law : Handbook 2013

EU Energy Legislation and Case Law

This 1st edition of Claeys & Casteels' annual guide to European Energy Legislation and Case Law may prove to be a handy information tool when you need to be aware of precisely how the law currently stands, and the reasons that led to that state of the law. The Handbook is not limited to final acts of legislation, but includes - where appropriate - proposals, debates, and guidance from the legislature. The conclusions of the Council and of the European Council in particular are helpful for understanding and predicting legislation. The second half of the Handbook is devoted to case law, as legislation often requires interpretation by judgements - and judgements themselves may call for some comment. Most of this Handbook's explanations take up the remarks that were already published in the European Energy Journal during the course of 2013. They are not limited to energy law, but refer also to other fields of legislation whenever their application and interpretation may influence and affect energy law.


Edited by:
Helmut Schmitt von Sydow
Professor, University of Lausanne and European College of Parma;
Former Director and Chief Legal Adviser, DG TREN, EC


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